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F5 LTM – How to Apply Hotfix

We have to verify the current running version in new device and upgrade to latest firmware and hotfix if require.

You can check current/latest firmware installed in device using below path:

Main-> System-> Configuration -> Device -> General


You can upload and install latest firmware using below path to Device:

Main-> System->Software Management -> Image list


Click on import to import new firmware from local Machine:


It will appear below window as Available Images, Please select and installed.


It will replaced the old installed image. You can also chose desire image to overwrite.

  • How to install hotfix files

Navigate to Main-> System->Software Management -> hotfix List

Follow the same process to upload required hotfix file as image.


Select the hotfix which need to installed and clicked on it.

Note: You need to select boot location and for new hotfix files. It will automatically reboot the device. You may require to reactive the license once again after each firmware upgrade.

To verify the requested Image applied on device you can see it through boot locations or general property.



Once you have install the latest hot fix, please do not forget to checks all virtual servers status and synchronization if it is runnig as Active-statndby.








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