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How to Install Ubuntu OS on VM

  • Select try or install Ubuntu
  • It will load the ubuntu files
  • Select Install Ubuntu
  • Select keyboard type
  • Select normal installation, select download update while installing ubuntu if you have DHCP server and your node is connected to Internet.  
  • Erase disk and install Ubuntu – This option will erase all existing data from disk and install a fresh Ubuntu. Please make sure you do not have any other operating system running.

Warning for the same

  • Select Time zone
  • Set your System name, Username and Password.
  • Now it will install all Ubuntu Files system on this disk
  • Once installation completed then restart the Ubuntu, please also remove the cdrom or press enter.
  •  Check IP has been assigned by DHCP or not, If there no DHCP in your network please configure IP, Netmask, Gateway and DNS server manually.

Ip addr

  •  Go to Terminal check Gateway and Internet access.
  •  Please elevate to root

Sudo -I and enter your password

  • If Internet access is successful. Please update the Ubuntu

#apt update

  • Please upgrade the Ubuntu, enter Y to upgrade patches

#apt upgrade

  • Once upgraded now you can install following tools
  • Net-tools – For networking

Apt install net-tools

  • Openssh-Server- for SSH outside

Apt install openssh-server

  •  Apache2 – Apache for webserver

Apt install apache2

  • Apache2-utils – for Apache benchmark

Apt install apache2-utils

  •  Once install check if it is working or not.
  • Check SSH connectivity from LAN
  • Apache services running or not.

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